Pharmacy Counter

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CounterWise and CounterCare Pharmacies deliver trusted pharmacy services
throughout western Canada and Northwestern Ontario. Each is owned and operated independently and each is served by Procurity Inc., which offers its high quality and value Encounter BrandTM products.
Each CounterWise/CounterCare pharmacist shares their wisdom, which stems from professional training and sincere dedication to the customers they serve in their community. Their knowledge, experience and time spent listening to each individual results in thoughtful advise that is based on real understanding of the people they serve each day.
Our motto is “Be Fulfilled” and we are confident that this FREE app will enable our patients to improve the way they manage their health conditions; improve their medication adherence; and improve their overall health.



FIND pharmacies by Name, GPS, or by Address

FILL My Prescription- Allows you to take a photo of your prescription and send it to your favourite pharmacy to be filled! Submit the hard copy when you pick up your prescription (s)

REFILL multiple prescriptions at once, to your favourite pharmacy

TRANSFER your prescriptions from any pharmacy to a Pharmacy Counter of your choice

ASK your pharmacist to call your doctor and get a prescription for you

SAVE your user profile and keep a detailed history of your transactions

SET Reminders on your phone so you don’t forget important tasks, appointments, etc.